Battlefield I

Information about cheat

Battlefield 1 was released a long time ago, but the game is still one of the most popular in the series. Our private software for battlefield 1 will allow you to increase the amount of positive and pleasant emotions from the game by total domination over your opponents. The aimbot will aim your bullets at your enemies, and the wallhack will let you know all the steps of other players in advance. In addition, our hack is very reliable and sold at the best price imaginable.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Origin

Select a tariff using the slider


  • Enable - ability to enable/disable the aimbot
  • Only Enemy - if this is checked, then the aimbot will only work on enemies
  • FOV(Field of view) - the ability to set the work area of the aimbot
  • Smooth - adjusts the smoothness of the aiming movements. The higher the value, the slower and smoother the movements
  • Recoil Compensation - the ability to compensate for a certain percentage of the recoil of the weapon
  • Bone - selection of the body part to which the aimbot will stick
  • Aiming on RMB - aim is activated with the right mouse button
  • Disable if yourself in vehicle - disables the feature if you are in a vehicle
  • Aim from vehicles only at the horse - activates aim on vehicles only if you are on horseback
  • Increase Fire Rate - Increases your weapon's rate of fire
  • No Recoil - completely disable the recoil of weapons when firing
  • No Overheating - disables weapon overheating when firing


  • Enemies - wh to enemy characters
  • Enemies - wh to friendly characters
  • Visible Check - line of sight check to the target
  • Horse - esp for horses
  • Vehicle - shows vehicles
  • Name - display the names of other players
  • Health - Gives you information about the number of hit points the target has
  • Offscreen - limiting the distance of visual features
  • Distance - shows the distance in meters to the targets
  • Debug - indicator showing which features are currently active in the cheat
  • Colors - full customization of the colors used by the cheat
  • Font Size - select the size of the text used by the wallhack
  • Font Type - font selection that is used for ESP features