Guide to private Wallhack (WH) for R6S.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

The instructions for using this software are provided on this page: link to the software.

How to download and run the cheat for Rainbow Six Siege?

Preparing to run the software:

  • Before downloading the cheat, make sure to disable your antivirus and Windows Defender (real-time protection).
  • The cheat also requires OBS. You can download the required version of OBS from this link.
  • We recommend starting OBS and the game without the cheat and adding the game to OBS. To do this, go to the "Sources" tab in OBS, click on the "+" button, choose "Game Capture," then "Create New," "Window Capture," and select "RainbowSixSiege.exe".
  • In addition, the cheat requires Discord Overlay to be enabled. Download and install Discord from the official website if it is not already installed on your PC. Then go to "Settings," "Game Overlay," and make sure the "Enable In-Game Overlay" slider is active.

Steps to run the cheat for R6S:

  1. If you have completed all the above steps, you are now ready to proceed with downloading and running the software.
  2. Download the cheat files from this link and extract them into a separate folder.
  3. Launch loader.exe and enter the key you received after the payment.
  4. Now you can launch the game. Once the game is fully loaded, press F2 in the main menu to inject the cheat.
  5. Start OBS(If closed).
  6. The cheat is successfully launched, and the visuals (chams) should appear on your character in the game's main menu.
This cheat only includes Wallhack (chams) and does not have a menu.

Video showing the launch of the cheat for the rainbow:

What to do if the ESP for the Rainbow does not work?

  • If you see an error 603(error 603) or a vulnerable driver during startup, then you need to download this file. Run the file and restart your PC, then try to run the cheat again. You also need to disable kernel isolation and Vulnerable Driver Blocking in Windows Defender;
    Error screenshot(Click to open) valorant cheat error how to fix
  • Error codes 9A, 22: Uninstall Faceit Anti-Cheat (if any), Turn off Windows Defender, Turn off Firewall, Remove all anti-viruses, Reinstall VC++ packages.

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