How to download chams for Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

How to download and run Hunt: Showdown Chams:

  1. After successful payment for the product on the site, you will receive a cheat activation key and a link to this page.
  2. Before downloading the loader and running the cheat, disable all antivirus and Windows Defender (Real-time protection).
    Disabling Windows Defender (Click here to open )
    1. rast macro
    2. RUST macros
  3. Now download the cheat loader from this link .
  4. Launch the cheat loader. At the first start, the download can be long, from 2 to 7 minutes. Please wait, subsequent launches will be faster.
  5. Select the Hunt game and press the "Load" button in the loader.
  6. The cheat requires an overlay in Discord to work. Make sure the Discord overlay is enabled and launch the game.
  7. When you see a notification in-game that the Discord overlay has loaded, minimize the game and expand the cheat loader.
  8. Click on the "Discord initialized" button.
  9. Cheat started successfully. Open the game and enjoy playing with Chams for Hunt: Showdown.

Colors in Wallhack for Hunt Showdown:

  • Pink - players;
  • Red - normal mobs/zombies;
  • Yellow - special zombies and bosses.

Video with the launch of WH for Hunt:

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