How to use a Dullwave hack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 / DMZ / WZ2 / MW3

Call Of Duty

This page provides detailed instructions for launching this cheat.

Instructions for launching the cheat for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and MW 3:

  1. After paying for the goods you will receive a key product activation (cheat).
  2. Download the software loader by this link .
  3. Now you need to disable the antivirus and run the downloaded loader as an administrator. In addition, you should not start the loader while the game is running, otherwise you are at great risk of getting banned.
  4. Insert the key received after purchase into the loader. (After the first activation of the key, the loader may close, it will have to be restarted.)
  5. You will be asked to select the game you are going to play. MW2 / WZ2 or MW3.
  6. The loader will begin preparing for launch. The loader will make a sound and close. This means that you need to start the game.
  7. Open the game.
  8. The cheat has been successfully launched. The menu is called up with the key Home.
Panic key - END(Disables cheat and all features)
If you plan to use our software in conjunction with spoofer, then run the spoofer after activating the key.

Why the cheat for Warzone 2.0 may not work:

  • This hack works in all screen modes, but we recommend using Borderless;
  • For the cheat to work correctly, be sure to disable Windows Defender (Real-time protection) and other antiviruses, if they are installed on your PC;
    Disabling Windows Defender (Click here to open)
    1. lol script
    2. lol scripts
  • You should also remove Faceit Anticheat and Riot Vanguard (Valorant anti-cheat games) from your PC through "Software Uninstalling", these anti-cheats prevent any cheats from working on your computer.
  • Make sure you have the correct version of Windows. Our Call Of Duty hack works on the following Windows: Windows 10 [2004, 20H1, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22h2], Windows 11 [21H2, 22H2].
  • Why does the cheat loader give the error "Failed to send GET request" after launch or when injecting? This error appears in cases where there are connection problems with our servers. If everything is fine with your Internet, then try running the cheat with the VPN turned on. If this does not help, then there may be problems on our side.
  • If you get a "Failed to query storage" error, it's most likely caused by the spoofer you're using. Your spoofer conflicts with our cheat and prevents it from starting correctly. Try running the spoofer after the cheat.

Video demonstrating the launch and gameplay of the hack for Warzone 2.0:

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