EFT Rage Cheat by Wh-Satano Launch guide

Escape From Tarkov

This page provides instructions for launching and activating the cheat for EFT

How to launch and use Legend rage cheat for EFT?

  1. After paying for the goods, you will receive a product activation key (license code).
  2. Download loader by this link
  3. Now you need to disable the antivirus and run the downloaded loader as an administrator. We also recommend that you enter the game without a cheat and set the screen mode to Windowed so that the cheat works correctly.
  4. Insert the key received after purchase and click "Activate". After activating the key, information about your subscription and the possibility of injecting will appear.
  5. Click "Inject". After clicking, the loader window will hide. Also at this stage, the cheat will prompt you to spoof (change the data of your iron in order to bypass the hwid ban or prevent it from getting).
  6. A green rectangle with text will appear below - this means that it's time to start the game.
    EFT cheat
  7. Start the game and in the main menu of the game, hold down the Shift key.
  8. The cheat menu will appear. Various tabs open on the Home/Insert/F1 keys. More information can be found in the cheat itself, as well as ask our support.
Also, the launch process is shown in the video below.

Hotkeys list:

  • Home - little green menu tab.
  • F1 - loot filter.
  • F2 - enable/disable aimbot.
  • F3 - enable/disabe loot displaying..
  • F4 - thermal vision..
  • F5 - daylight..
  • F6 - show exits.
  • F7 - looting through the walls.
  • Ctrl - the alternative mode of the aimbot, will aim at the stomach.
  • Afl+F3 - show/hide all esp(in) elements.
  • F8 - add a teammate to the list of exceptions for aiming (you need to aim at a friend and press F8).
  • F9 - remove all exceptions.

If you have problems running the hack, then try the following steps:
  1. Secure boot must be disabled(in BIOS).
  2. Windows Defender(Real-Time Protection) and Smart Screen must be disabled.
  3. Delete faceit AC, Vanguard AC.(Using Software Uninstalling)

The list of cheat features that work at the moment is constantly changing. This is done for security reasons.

Video with the launch and demonstration of the cheat EFT: