Private Hack

Information about cheat

This time we decided to expand our assortment with simple and inexpensive software for the good old csgo. The cheat has all the basic features for a quiet game with cheats in CS. A convenient ESP with detailed settings will allow you to get all the necessary information about your opponents in a beautiful and stylish way, as well as make the visual appearance of the game much brighter and more enjoyable. A light aimbot will give you shooting assistance and help you dominate other players in matchmaking and pubs. There are also other fun features for an amateur.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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Player ESP

  • Enable ESP - the ability to activate ESP on allies. By default, it only works against enemies.
  • Box ESP - shows players behind walls using boxes
  • Skeleton ESP - shows characters behind obstacles using skeletons
  • Name ESP - shows players nicknames
  • Player Info - shows information about the player
  • Line ESP - lines to opponents
  • Colors - the ability to choose your colors
  • Player Glow - outline of player models


  • Chams - allows you to paint character models with any color or texture
  • Visible Check - chams only work on visible characters
  • Wireframe Chams - chams in the form of a grid
  • Draw on Top - draw chams over the original model
  • Material - choice of material for chams
  • Weapon Chams - separate chams for weapons in arms
  • Arms Chams - separate hand chams
  • Sleeve Chams - separate chams for the arm above the hand


  • Entity Glow - highlighting objects
  • Bomb Timer - shows the timer until the explosion of C4
  • Projectile ESP - shows the trajectory of the grenade throw
  • Entity Info - shows information about entities
  • No Flash - disable blindness from light grenades (fully or partially)
  • Custom Crosshair - custom sight
  • Recoil Crosshair - sight showing the recoil of the weapon (shows where the next bullet will hit)
  • AntiScreen - do not show cheat on screenshots
  • Spectator list - shows players who are spectating your game
  • Bhop - bunnyhop, you just need to hold down the "Space" key
  • FOV - change field of view


  • Enable Aimbot - enable/disable the Aim feature
  • Friendly Fire - activate aimbot on allies (for deathmatch)
  • No Scope - activate the aimbot for sniper rifles for shooting with a noscope
  • FOV - aimbot capture radius
  • Smooth - smoothing. The higher the value, the slower and smoother the movement of the aimbot