How to launch Wh-Satano cheat for CSGO? Guide for CSGO Hack

This page contains instructions for launching the cheat for CS:GO. CS:GO is no longer supported, so we advise you to review this section: Cheats for Counter-Strike 2.

How to download and run a cheat for CSGO?

  1. After paying for the product, you will receive a license key to gain access to the cheat.
  2. You need to go to here to download the cheat loader. To download you will need to enter your key.
  3. To download, you will need to enter your key in the "Insert Your Key" field and click "Activate". Now click "Download loader" and after that the cheat loader will be downloaded.
  4. First, launch CS:GO and go to settings. Select Video -> Display Mode -> Full Screen Windowed. The cheat only works in this display mode.
  5. Launch the previously downloaded cheat loader. After a short loading, a cheat menu will appear inside the game; it closes/opens by pressing the Insert key.
After playing CS:GO with a cheat, it is recommended to restart your computer before playing other games.

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