guide for Advanced cheat for Dayz


The algorithm of actions to launch the Dayz SA cheat:

  1. After paying for the purchase on the site, you will receive a key to activate the cheat.
  2. Download cheat loader from this link .
  3. Now you need to make sure that everything is ready for the correct launch of the software:
    • Firstly, disable your antivirus and Windows Defender, because antivirus programs prevent the cheat from running and can delete cheat files.
      Disabling Windows Defender(Click here to open)
      1. windows defender disabling
      2. windows defender disabling 2
    • Secondly, you will need a USB Flash Drive to run the cheat. We recommend using a physical flash drive. But if you don’t have it, then below in the instructions there will be a guide to running the hack through a virtual USB drive;
    • Also, for the cheat to work correctly, you need to go to "Software Uninstalling" and remove Riot Vanguard and Faceit Anticheat, because they also do not allow the software to work;
    • The cheat has a built-in spoofer, so using various other spoofers is not recommended. Your key may break because of this.
    • The cheat is External, so it only works in "Borderless" screen mode. Enter the game without a cheat and change this setting in advance;
    • We also recommend updating DirectX and the VC Redist libraries. You can do this by downloading this file . Download the folder, run the file Install_all.exe and everything will be updated automatically.
  4. Place the downloaded cheat loader file on your flash drive.
  5. Now you can proceed to launch the software. Open loader as administrator.
  6. First you need to press any key to continue the startup process.
  7. Now paste the key you bought and press the "Enter" key.
  8. Loader may ask for restart. After that, you will need to enter the key again .
  9. Now restart the loader. After restarting, enter the key again. The cheat injection starts, we are waiting for the download.
  10. After the cheat window has disappeared, you can start the game.
  11. We are waiting for the game to load completely and press the "F2" key in Tarkov's main menu.
  12. In case of a successful injection, the software logo will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. The menu is opened and hidden with the Insert
  13. button.
The spoofer built into the cheat spoofs your hardware when the cheat is injected. Therefore, the use of third-party spoofers is highly discouraged. Also, the cheat is completely Stream Proof, so it will not be visible on screenshots and video recordings if it is the Dayz game window that is being recorded.

Video with the launch and demonstration of the Dayz cheat:

How to run a private cheat for Dayz without a flash drive?

To run without a flash drive, you need to download and install "OSFmount" on this link . The video shows the launch of another cheat, but with this software, launching via virtual USB will be about the same.

You can find a description of the software functions, as well as links for re-purchase on this page .
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