Instructions for launching and using the cheat for Genshin Impact by Wh-Satano

How to run the cheat for Genshin Impact:

  1. After successful payment of the purchase, you will receive an activation key for the cheat.
  2. First you need to prepare to download and run the software:
    • Disable all antiviruses and Windows Defender (Real-time protection);
    • Through the "Software Uninstalling" remove Faceit AC (Faceit anti-cheat) and Riot Vanguard (Valorant anti-cheat);
    • Disable the Smart Screen filter;
    • Make sure you have Windows 10 or Windows 11, our cheat for Genshin Impact does not work on other operating systems.
  3. Now you can proceed to download and launch. Download the cheat loader from this link.. In order to download the loader - enter your key received after purchase.
  4. .
  5. Run the downloaded file. Paste the previously obtained code into the column "key" and press "ACTIVATE". After successful activation, the window will close.
  6. Start the cheat loader again as administrator. Select the game in the list and click "Load Cheat".
  7. A black window will open asking you to start the game.
  8. Start the game. After starting the game, the cheat will be active. The menu for managing the cheat is opened with the F1 key.

Video with a cheat for Genshin:

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