Phoenix Neon for Apex Legends - Instructions for activation and launch

Apex Legends

This page provides instructions for launching and activating Phoenix Neon для Apex Legends.

First you need to make sure that everything is ready to run the software:
  1. in the game, you should set the screen mode to "In a Window without a frame (Full screen in a window)
  2. you also need to disable the antivirus, it can block the cheat.
  3. We strongly recommend to disable the antivirus using the Defender Control, this is the only way to guarantee 100% shutdown of Windows Defender. You can download Defender Control using this link
  4. Also, the condition for the cheat to work is virtualization enabled in the BIOS.

Phoenix Neon launch without spoofer

  1. After paying for the goods, you will receive a product activation key (cheat).
  2. Download loader by this link.
  3. Run the downloaded file.
  4. Enter the purchased cheat activation key.
  5. After the loader will ask you to start the game.
  6. Launch the game and press F1 to inject.
  7. The cheat will work in the game. There is no menu for this product.

To use TriggerBot, hold down the Caps Lock key.

If you need to run this software with a spoofer, then the algorithm will be as follows:

  1. Launch the software loader.
  2. Run a spoofer.
  3. Spoof your hardware.
  4. Enter the key into the cheat loader and start everything as usual.
  5. To restart the software, you will have to restart the computer so that the system returns to its original value.

To use TriggerBot, hold down the Caps Lock key.

Additional useful information and tips:

  • Keys for the spoofer are issued to users automatically in the personal account on the loader download site . After activating the key, you will be given a key for Phoenix Spoofer for the same period.
    spoofer phoenix
  • We also recommend using a checker to check whether the spoofer has replaced your data or not. You can download the checker file at this link. Start the checker before the spoofer, after the spoofer beeps and closes, press Enter in the checker to check whether the data has changed or not.
  • Another important utility is an additional cleaner. You can ask this from our supports. Use the cleaner after the spoofer and checker to finally erase all traces of running extraneous programs on your PC.
  • In addition, you should be careful about registering an account for Apex Legends. If you have been banned many times and have registered a new account from the same PC many times, then your accounts may initially be marked with the EAC anti-cheat. Therefore, it is worth registering accounts from another device, and even better to use a proxy or VPN to register a new account in the EA App.
  • For people who want to save their time, we have new clean accounts for apex legends. The accounts are 100% clean and registered taking into account all security measures.
  • UAC should also be disabled for the cheat and loader to work properly. To do this, enter UAC in Windows search, open "Change User Account Control settings" and move the slider to the lowest position.
  • In conclusion, it is worth saying that we do not recommend using cheats on your main account if this account is dear to you. Even if the cheat has been in the Undetected status for a long time, this can change at any time. Therefore, to play with cheats, you should create separate accounts so that there is nothing to regret later.

Video with the launch and demonstration of the cheat Neon for Apex Legends

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