Guide for Software for Albion Online

Albion Online

This page contains instructions for the Albion Online Radar.

How to download and properly launch the software for Albion Online?

  1. Download the cheat loader by this link
  2. For the software to work, you need to enable a special overlay:
    • If you have an Nvidia video card, you need to enable the overlay in Nvidia Geforce Experience;
    • If you have an AMD video card, then you need to do the following:
      1. Download Steelseries software from this link.
      2. Open Steelseries software settings, in General -> General enable Sonar.
      3. Now go to the SONAR -> Shortcuts tab and enable the Master - Volume Up bind on F7. You will need to click on this bind before injection.
  3. Launch the loader you downloaded earlier.
  4. Insert the key received after payment and click "Log In".
  5. Select Albion Online from the list of available applications and click Load. If you want to use Spoofer, then check the appropriate box next to the Load button.
  6. After loading, the loader will close, which means you need to start the game.
  7. If the injection is successful, the cheat menu will appear automatically.
    In the future, use the Insert key to enable/disable the menu.

The process of launching the cheat is also shown in the video below.

Video with launch + Demonstration of the software cheat for Albion Online:

What to do if the software does not start or does not work?

Common problems and ways to solve them:

  • The most popular problem: Windows Defender or other antiviruses are turned on. Completely disable Windows Defender (Real-Time Protection) and any other protection.
  • If everything starts correctly, but there are no menus or other features in the game, then you need to make sure that you have the Xbox Game Bar enabled, it is necessary for the software to work.
  • Also make sure the game is running in Windowed mode. Enter the game without the cheat, open Settings -> Video -> Screen Mode. And put Windowed there.
  • The operation of the software may be hindered by an extraneous anti-cheat. You need to go to "Software Uninstalling" and uninstall Riot Vanguard and Faceit Anticheat, if you have them installed.

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