Guide to private software for Unturned


This page contains a guide to the rage cheat for Unturned.

How to download and run Rage software for Unturned?

  1. After paying for the order, you will receive a key to activate your subscription to the cheat.
  2. To get started, download the software loader from this link.
  3. Launch the loader you just downloaded.
  4. Enter your key in the "Key" field and click "Activate".
  5. Now you need to select Unturned in the loader and click "Launch".
  6. After loading, the loader will show you the message "SUCCESS" and close.
  7. Now you need to launch the game. Launch Unturned.
  8. When loading the game, you need to press the "Alt key when the loading is at more than 3000 Assets (>3000 assets).
  9. If you did everything correctly, the cheat was launched successfully. The cheat menu opens with the Delete key.

What to do if the Unturned software doesn’t work?

Possible problems and solutions:

  • If you have problems launching the loader/cheat, then the most common problem is the enabled antivirus or Windows Defender. Completely disable your antivirus and Windows Defender (Real-Time Protection).
  • The software may also be prevented from launching by the wrong time on your PC. Synchronize the time on your PC with the network. Open the "Change date and time" section and click "Synchronize".
  • For the cheat to work, you also need to remove Riot Vanguard (Valorant anti-cheat) and Faceit Anticheat, if you have them installed. You should uninstall only through “Software Uninstalling.”
  • If you have Windows 11, then you need to disable kernel isolation. You should also run this file.

Video demonstrating the launch and gameplay of Rage software for Unturned:

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