World War III Multihack

Information about cheat

Private Multihack for World War 3 is our latest product for a cool new game. The cheat has many functions, detailed settings for wh, aim and some other little things. The developers are our partners from SoftHub. In this cheat we use a reliable anticheat bypass, which reduces the chance of an account ban to a minimum. We also offer the best prices for products to this game on the market. We look forward to your purchases and feedback.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10,11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Mail

Select a tariff using the slider


  • Prediction - predicting the trajectory of the enemy's movement
  • Aimbot Type - select the type of aimbot. Humanized - imitation of a tip from a living person. Memory - aimbot working through
  • RAM - more rage and accurate
  • Bone - selection of the body part on which the aimbot will work
  • FOV - aiming radius
  • Smooth - smoothness of aiming(more smooth - less speed)
  • Draw Priority Point - shows the point at which the aimbot will shoot if you open fire from the current position
  • Draw Circle - shows the radius of the aim using a circle
  • Aimbot key - the choice of the key that will be responsible for the activation of the aim


  • Boxes - highlighting opponents with boxes. There are several types of boxes, you can also choose colors
  • Health Bar - a bar showing the amount of health an enemy character has
  • Names - shows the game nicknames of the enemies
  • Eye Direction - displaying the direction of view of enemies
  • Snaplines - line from you to the targets
  • ESP Test Size - you can adjust the size of the text in the wallhack features


  • Speedhack - speed up your character's movement. Use carefully!
  • Speed Value - you can change the value of the speedhack speed
  • Radar - a radar that displays various information