Guide for Phoenix Spoofer [Apex/Rust/R6S/DBD/Hunt/PUBG]

Apex Legends , Rust , Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege , Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds , Dead By Daylight , The Cycle: Frontier , Fortnite , Hunt: Showdown

How to activate and run Phoenix Spoofer correctly?

  1. After a successful payment, you will receive a key to activate your Phoenix Spoofer subscription.
  2. Go to the Official Phoenix Community Website and register using the key you received after the purchase.
  3. If you already have an account in the Phoenix community, log in and then go to My Apps. Click on "Add an Application" and paste the key there.
  4. Once the key is activated, the spoofer will appear in your My Apps tab.
  5. To download Phoenix Spoofer, click on the "Download" button below the HWID Spoofer image.
  6. Now run the downloaded file as an administrator.
  7. An interface window for Phoenix Spoofer will appear. To start spoofing, press any key within this window.
  8. After pressing the key, the data spoofing process will start. This may take a few minutes.
  9. If the data spoofing process is successful, the Phoenix Spoofer application will close and emit a sound signal.
  10. If you hear a loud BEEP sound and see the corresponding message in the spoofer window, it means that all the data has been successfully spoofed, and you can confidently start the game.

Additional recommendations for using Phoenix Spoofer:

  • If you are using Phoenix Spoofer in combination with any cheats, always open the loader of your cheat first, authenticate there, and only then launch the Phoenix Spoofer application. If you run the cheat loader and activate the key after spoofing, your key will be tied to the spoofed PC data, and you will have to request a reset or purchase a new key. When using Phoenix Spoofer, your PC data will return to its original values after a reboot, so it is essential to activate all keys on the original hardware.
  • This spoofer does not provide permanent spoofing; your hardware data is spoofed only until the next PC reboot. Therefore, you will need to run Phoenix Spoofer each time before playing.
  • We also recommend using a checker to verify if the spoofer has successfully spoofed your data or not. You can download the checker file from this link. Run the checker before using the spoofer, and after the spoofer emits a sound signal and closes, press Enter in the checker to verify if the data has changed or not.

What to do if Phoenix Spoofer is not working?

Below is a list of common issues and errors that may occur when using Phoenix Spoofer.
  • To download and run Phoenix Spoofer properly, you need to disable Windows Defender and all antivirus programs on your PC. Antivirus programs can either prevent the spoofer from being downloaded or interfere with its proper functioning.
  • We strongly recommend disabling Windows Defender using the program called "Defender Control" to ensure a 100% disablement of Windows Defender. You can download Defender Control from this link .
  • For the correct operation of the spoofer and most cheats, it is also recommended to disable User Account Control (UAC). To do this, search for UAC in Windows, open "Change User Account Control settings," and move the slider to the lowest position.
  • Additionally, your PC should have the correct time and date set. Go to the time and date settings, synchronize them with the network. Incorrect time and date settings can cause issues when launching the spoofer.
  • If Phoenix Spoofer gives you an "Initialization Error," it may be caused by the following reasons: running it from another PC, incorrect time and date on your PC, or an expired subscription. For more details regarding this error, it is recommended to contact our technical support on the forum or through other communication channels.
  • Installed Anti-cheat software on your PC, such as FaceIT Anti-Cheat, Riot Vanguard, or ESEA, can interfere with the functioning of Phoenix Spoofer. You need to uninstall these anti-cheat programs through "Software Uninstalling"

Which games are compatible with Phoenix Spoofer?

  • Apex Legends (Steam, EA Game APP).
  • Rust (Steam).
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) (Steam, UPlay, Epic Games).
  • Dead By Daylight (DBD) (Steam, Epic Games).
  • Hunt: Showdown (Steam).
  • The Cycle: Frontier (Steam, Epic Games).
  • PUBG(PUBG: Battlegrounds)
Phoenix Spoofer has been tested and works 100% with the aforementioned games. However, in practice, Phoenix Spoofer may also help bypass hardware bans in other games, but it is important to note that doing so carries potential risks and is done at your own discretion.
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