Guide for accounts for Apex Legends

Apex Legends

In this article, we will provide you with instructions and some other information related to our accounts for Apex Legends.

What is Apex Legends newreg and how to use it?

  • After paying for the goods, you receive the following data: Login Steam | Steam password | Mail/EA Game APP(Origin) | Password from mail and EA Game App;
  • You are given full access to the mail, you can use this mail or link your personal mail to your account, do as you like;
  • You also get a clean Steam account. Initially, Apex Legends is not linked to this account. To link your account to Steam, you will need to enter Steam, install Apex Legends there, and then enter the game and enter the data from the EA Game App(Origin) there;
  • All of the accounts we sell have never run Apex Legends, so they are 100% clean, making them perfect for playing with cheats or testing cheats, or as a main account;
  • Steam Guard is disabled by default on our accounts, but you can enable it in the steam settings;
  • If suddenly you can't log in to the EA Game App using your login (email) and password, then try logging into EA through Steam.

Useful links:

  • To sign in to email, use the Rambler site: Link;
  • Firstmail mailboxes are less common: Link;
  • Link to official Steam website: Link;
  • You can download the EP App from the official EA website this link.
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