How to download and use Phoenix Macros for CS:GO

This page provides instructions for activating and running macros from Phoenix developers for Counter-Strike: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

How to run start and use macro for CSGO:

  1. After paying for the goods, you will receive an activation key for Phoenix CS:GO Macros.
  2. Next, you will need to download the loader for our macros bythis link .
  3. Before starting the program, you need to make sure that all antiviruses are disabled. Even if you do not have an antivirus, then you need to disable Windows Defender (Real-time Protection).
    Disabling Windows Defender(Click here to open)
    1. settings for cs go macro
    2. settings for cs go macro1
  4. Now when all anti-virus programs are turned off, you can start the program. The first launch can be a bit long, the loader will download System64.exe and close. Now launch System64.exe. After starting, you will need to enter your key received after purchase in the line "Key". You can also tick the "Remember me", then you won't need to re-enter the key every time you run our macros.
  5. Enter the key and press "Login". After successful authorization in the program, the Phoenix menu will appear in front of you.
  6. Now you can also run the game, macros will work. The game must be launched in "Borderless", Otherwise, problems may arise when using the software.
  7. This is what the program menu will look like if it starts correctly:
    csgo macros

Automatic detection of weapons in your hands works when you press the weapon switch keys (1, 2).
For the anti-recoil to work correctly, you need to set the sensitivity in the macros to the same as you have in the game.

Video with the launch and demonstration of some features of the safe macro:

If you have any problems when starting or using Phoenix:

  • Make sure that all antivirus and Windows Defender are turned off;
  • If you want to use our software with a spoofer, then always run the spoofer after the macro, because the macro is linked to your PC data, while the spoofer changes it;
  • If the program menu freezes, then once again make sure that you have Borderless screen mode enabled in Rust;
  • The program only works on Windows 10 and Windows 11, so if you have Windows 7, Windows 8 or some other OC, then you will not be able to use our macro.
  • Your PC should not have Process Hacker and similar debug programs. You will have to remove them completely for the macro to run.
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