Instructions for Private cheat for Super People

Super People

This page contains instructions for launching and activating the cheat for Super People.

Instructions for the cheat for Super People.

Step-by-step guide to launching the software:

  1. After paying for the goods, you will receive a product activation key (cheat).
  2. Download loader from this link.
  3. Now you need to disable the antivirus and place the loader on the USB flash drive. It only runs from a flash drive.
  4. Run the cheat file. You need to create an account in the loader or log in to an existing SoftHub account.
  5. After logging into your account, you can activate the key (Activate Key) and add yourself a subscription.
  6. In order for the cheat to work in the game, you need to set the "Full screen in the window" mode in the game settings.
  7. Next, select the game on the left in the list and click "Load Cheat".
  8. You will be prompted to use the spoofer. His status is "At your own risk." May not work correctly for some users. So decide for yourself whether you will use it or not.
  9. When we see the inscription "Done" in the window that appears, you can start the game. Don't touch the Word window - it's for cheating.

Also, the launch process is shown in the video below.

Video with the launch and demonstration of the cheat on Super People:

How to run Super People private cheat without flash drive?

To run without a flash drive, you need to download "OSFmount" on this link.

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