Guide to Private Software for Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare

This page contains instructions for this private software for Gray Zone Warfare.

Launch Guide:

  1. After payment you will receive a key to activate your cheat subscription.
  2. Download the software loader from this link .
  3. Preparing for launch:
    • Download and install MedalTV using this link . You also need to enable MedalTV Overlay.
    • The game must be in windowed / borderless screen mode
  4. Extract the cheat files from the previously downloaded archive.
  5. Run the cheat loader as administrator.
  6. Enter your key and click Activate.
  7. Select Gray Zone Warfare and press Load / Inject.
  8. Wait until the success message appears.
  9. After the success message, you can open the game.
  10. The menu will appear automatically in the game.

Menu key: Insert.
Panic Key(Close software): End.
Before exiting the game, it is recommended to press the End key.

Possible startup problems and ways to solve:

  • Make sure you have the correct version of Windows installed. The cheat only works with Windows 10 2004 - 21H2 and Windows 11 21H2. Other versions of Windows are not supported.
  • Make sure MedalTV Overlay is enabled and working.
  • Be sure to disable all antivirus software on your PC.
  • You need to disable WIndows Defender (Real-time Protection).
  • Uninstall FaceIT anti-cheat and Riot Vanguard (Valorant anti-cheat) using "Software Uninstalling".
  • Install the latest versions of Directx and Mircrosoft Visual packages.
  • For ESP to display correctly, the screen resolution in the game must match the resolution of your monitor.

If these steps do not help you, then you should contact our technical support!

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