Guide for CS2 Changer

Counter-Strike 2

This page contains instructions for Skinchanger for CS2.

How to download and run Changer for CS 2:

Follow these steps:

  1. After payment you will receive a key to activate your software subscription.
  2. Download the cheat loader by this link.
  3. Start the game.
  4. Launch the previously downloaded loader.
  5. Activate the key you received after purchase.
  6. Click "Start Cheat" in the loader. The loader will close, the software will start and the changer menu will appear in front of you.

In the future, use the Insert and Home keys to call the software menu.

Adding skins:

  1. Select a category in “Weapons” (Here you select the item to which you want to add a skin.
  2. In the "Skins" column, directly select the skin for the item you selected.
  3. In "Settings" you can set some parameters for the skin: Wear is responsible for wear, Pattern for the coloring number, StarTrak for the start track counter. You can also set the name of the skin using "Name".
  4. To add a skin to your Inventory, click "Add Item". The skin will appear in your inventory and can be equipped.

To remove skins from your inventory, use the "Remove" tab.

Attention! The skins you add are visible only to you and can only be used while you are playing with our software.

Video with launch and demonstration of work:

The video will appear here soon.

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