Guide to using software for Stalcraft

This page contains instructions for "ESP + Aim software for Stalcraft" and " WH for Stalcraft".

Instructions for launching software on Stalcraft:

  1. After payment you will receive a key to activate your cheat subscription.
  2. Before downloading and running the cheat, you need to prepare:
    • Turn Windows Defender off completely (Real-Time Protection).
    • Disable and remove all antiviruses from your PC (if installed);
    • Remove anti-cheats FACEIT, ESEA, Riot Vanguard (Valorant). You need to remove them through “Software Uninstalling.”
    • Disable Secure Boot (In BIOS).
    • Login the game without a cheat and change the settings: Set the game to windowed mode (frameless and full-screen modes are not supported).
    • Also, the cheat does not support 2 or more monitors. If you have multiple monitors, turn off all but one.
  3. Now that everything is ready, you can download the loader: via this link.
  4. Move the downloaded file (archive) to the flash drive.
  5. Randomly rename the file (any name using English letters and numbers).
  6. Run the loader as administrator.
  7. Log in to the loader using your Email address (remember this email, as it will be linked to your PC and you may have difficulties logging in using a different email).
  8. Go to the first tab of the loader, find the cheat selection field, select the cheat you need from the drop-down list, enter the key and click the activate button, if activation is successful, you will receive a notification; if an error occurs, contact the technical assistance section.< /li>
  9. Go to the second tab of the loader, select the desired cheat and click the load button, after successfully loading the cheat the loader will automatically close, if an error occurs, contact the technical help section.
  10. Physically remove the USB device (pull out the flash drive) from the computer.
  11. Start the game and wait for the menu to appear; if the menu does not appear, contact the technical help section (On weaker PCs, loading the cheat can take up to ~4 minutes).

Hotkeys for controlling software on Stalcraft:

  • HOME key - hide/show menu.
  • INSERT key - enable/disable visuals.
  • DELETE key - stop the cheat (Panic Key).
  • Left ALT key - hold to activate Aim Assist.
  • To change the aim assist activation key, hold down the NUMPAD1 key (having previously turned on Num Lock) and press any key to which you want to reassign aim assist (the cheat menu must be open while changing the key).
  • NUMPAD2 key (after enabling Num Lock) - quickly enable/disable aim assist.

Video with the launch and gameplay of software for Stalcraft:

The video will be here soon

Possible problems and ways to solve them:

  • For weaker PCs, for better performance of the cheat, you need to reduce the graphics settings to minimum (including the drawing distance/visibility of objects).
  • If the cheat is not initialized correctly, a blue screen (BSOD) may occur.
  • error 556
    1. Windows Defender is not disabled
    2. Antivirus was not removed
    3. FACEIT, ESEA, Riot Vanguard, etc. anti-cheats have not been removed
    1. you need to restart your computer
  • administration rights required
    1. loader launched without administrator rights
    2. not supported Windows version
  • loader version is outdated
    1. the loader version is out of date, download the loader from the instructions, if the error still occurs, download the loader using the incognito browser tab, or clear the browser cache.
    2. cannot connect to the cheat server, use vpn.
  • 0x12100010
    1. update the video card driver to the latest version (only official video card drivers are supported).

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