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On this page you can buy our PUBG / PUBG Lite Radar. Soft is undetected since release.

Radar is the cheapest and the safest cheat for PUBG / PUBG Lite.
Features: RadarHack
Main Feature: You can play PUBG from your PC and use the radar from another device(smartphone, tablet, laptop or etc).
One cheat - two games. Using this program, you can play both PUBG and in PUBG Lite.
The software is available in English and Russian.
Supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Supports all processors
The product is optimized and will not affect your FPS.

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About the purchase process:
1. During payment, you enter the data on which an account will be created on our website.
2. If you already have an account, just enter your details.

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