PHOENIX HACK VALORANT - Instructions for launching and activating the product

This page provides instructions for launching and activating the PHOENIX HACK VALORANT product.

1. After paying for the goods, you will receive a product activation key.
2. Download cheat launcher by this link . ​Extract the file from the archive and run it.
4. Now you need to install the files for the cheat to work. Click "Start", after the program will ask you to restart your computer.
5. After restarting your PC (computer), open the file again. Now you need to configure the program, click "Bot Settings".
6. In "Sensitivity", set your mouse sensitivity from the game settings. Also select the color of the enemy that is in your game settings. You can customize the rest of the features for yourself.
7. Now you can run the cheat. Click "Start Bot" and enter your key in the window that appears.
8. After the launch is successful, you will see "Success" in the window. The window will close, start the game.
9. During the game, aimbot modes are switched by keys.
10. Have a nice game!

Video with the launch and demonstration of the hack:

Description of the functionality of the program, as well as links for re-purchase, you can find on this page.
If you have any questions, please contact the staff in Our Discord Server
We look forward to your feedback and new purchases!