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A little about the project

Project WH-SATANO was established in 2015. It was in this year that there was a shortage of a unique product on the private software market that could solve many problems of CS: GO players. For example, to play with a cheat in the licensed version of CS: GO (Steam), you had to expose your account to the risk associated with the high level of anti-cheat protection from the company VALVE at that time. Getting banned using publicly available software on the network was easy enough, and that's why we set ourselves the task of making the most reliable private cheat for CS: GO . After several months of work, we succeeded and the first version of the software went on sale. In the future, the range of private software expanded and on behalf of WH-SATANO several more cheats were released for games such as RUST , PUBG and Apex . At the moment, the assortment includes:

  • BlastHack - cheat for CS:GO
  • Phoenix - cheat for CS:GO
  • Phoenix Lite - cheat for CS:GO
  • Phoenix Rust - cheat for RUST
  • Pubg Lite - pack for PUBG
  • Pubg Radar - WH for PUBG
  • Apex X-ray - WH for Apex Legends

With each update, the functionality, flexibility, security and quality of all cheats are growing. Since a whole team of experienced people is working on the whole project. The project staff numbers more than 10 people who work every day to ensure that WH-SATANO remains the best among all competitors. We also have a subsidiary project satano, who also sells software.